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Here is some information to help you plan your travel. Remember, we are only a phone call or an email away, and are ready to assist you any way we can. Enjoy your travel, it's where your trip begins!

The Basics

Backpacking Trips: Plan on arriving at RMR’s Basecamp on the property of Crooked Creek Ranch (3000 County Road 517, Fraser, CO 80442) between 8:00am and 9:00AM on the Sunday the trip begins. Map to Basecamp.pdf

Kayaking Trips: Plan on arriving at Antelope Marina in Page, AZ at 9:00am for the start of their trip.

Houseboat Trips: Plan on arriving at Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ at 9:00am for the start of their trip.

Additional Information

Overnight Lodging: Lodging information is available via the link below for both our Kayak and  Backpacking programs. For groups flying into or out of Colorado for one of our backpacking trips, we recommend arriving on Friday evening and staying between Denver & Winter Park, CO. For your return trip, we recommend scheduling your flight for no earlier than 3pm. This should give you ample time to shower, eat, and drive to the airport.  
Showers Post Trail: Showers are available post trail at the Fraser Valley Recreation Center. Cost is $3 person. Campers & Leaders will need to provide their own towel. It is highly recommended to make shower arrangements prior to your trip.  
Vehicle Parking During the Week: Groups are responsible for their transportation to and from the trailhead. After meeting and packing at RMR's Basecamp, we will load all gear into RMR trucks / trailers and caravan to your group's individual trailhead. Vehicles can be left at the trailhead during the week. All valuables will be collected and stored at the RMR Base Camp and returned at the end of your trip. Please note, RMR is not responsible for any items left in vehicles and/or for any damage to vehicles while at the trailhead. If you are borrowing vehicles for your trip, please download and fill out Young Life's Borrow Vehicle Agreement for your groups personal use.  
For Your Drivers: Detailed pick up instructions including maps and pick up times are available below. Due to the nature of fluctuating group sizes, we cannot assign specific route information (backpacking) until the Wednesday prior to your trip. We will have this information on hand at the time of your arrival to give to drivers who will not be participating in the trip.  

  • Map to Basecamp.pdf
  • Directions to Wahweap Marina (Coming Soon...)
  • Direction to Antelope Marina (Coming Soon...)


Email us at with any questions. We're more than happy to help you plan your travel. 
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