Trip Preparation (For Leaders)

Here are a few things to think about as you go through the steps of planning and preparing for a trip:

Content: We work hard to tailor the content of every trip to the particular needs of the group. Start by thinking about what you would like your group to get out of the RMR experience. Begin by surveying who will be on your trip.  What are your expectations for the group as a whole? What are your hopes for each individual? Are staff are trained and equipped to develop trail content that is appropriate and inclusive for campers across a wide range of spiritual backgrounds.  While this trip will be a partnership between our guides and your trip leaders, our ultimate goal is to set up trip leaders to build deeper relationships with each camper. 

Equipment: There's certainly no need to break the bank to attend a trip with RMR Backcountry. We highly recommend hosting an evening for your entire group to be together and to go through the packing list. Leaders will be able to see who might need additional gear and how to best go about securing those items. Borrowing specific clothing and/or equipment is always a much better option that buying the latest name brand gear, especially if you're only going to use it once! At the very least, we do recommend a good pair of hiking boots that fits you and that covers your ankle.  If you're going to spend money, this would be the best investment you could make!

Training: While our backpacking and kayaking trips can be physically demanding, there is absolutely no reason to let our current level of fitness keep you from attending one of our trips. We'll move together as a team when on trail or on the water and ensure that everybody makes it through the day's objective. That being said, its always a good idea to prepare for your trip by doing appropriate physical activities such as: running, day-hikes, weightlifting, or other cardio exercises. If you are purchasing boots for your trip, we highly recommend breaking them in through a couple of day-hikes prior to your trip. This can be a great group activity in preparation for our trip!

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