Don't Forget!

Those pesky things that always get overlooked right before you hit the road:

  1. Did you make copies of your health forms? You will need 2 copies of each camper and leader health form (one to turn into us upon arrival and one to keep for your return trip home).  Please have these in a labeled manila envelope and ready to hand in to us when you arrive.  If you are bringing multiple trips, please be sure to separate your health forms according to trips.  
  2. Did you fill out your A-Form? Don't forget to bring a signed and completed A-Form for when you arrive.  This will confirm your actual trip numbers for your final payment.
  3. Did you fill out a Borrowed Vehicle Agreement? If you are borrowing a vehicle for our trip, remember to have the owner sign & complete this form​ in case of emergency.  1741 Borrowed Vehicle Agreement.pdf1741 Borrowed Vehicle Agreement.pdf
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