Trip 10-Day Check In

10-Day Check In

Once you’ve made all of your plans, prepped all of your equipment, and achieved some appropriate level of fitness, you’re ready to go. But just to make sure everything is covered we still want to connect during the few weeks leading up to your trip. Don't forget to mark you calendars for a 10-Day Check In (Thursday the week prior to your trip). We’ll want to know your final count, the trip make up (guys and ladies), any special dietary needs, and your method of transportation.

This is a great time to ask any final questions and to confirm your travel plans right before your trip.

You can email your updated information to in the following format:

Group Name / Trip Leader Name & Cell /Total Male Campers & Leaders / Total Female Campers & Leaders / Method of Transportation

(Ex. Pikes Peak YL / John Smith (XXX) XXX-XXXX  / 4 Male Campers & 2 Male Leaders / 4 Female Campers & 1 Female Leader / 12 Psg. Van)

72hr. Check In

We're well aware that your trip numbers may be fluctuating right up until you depart from home. We will be food packing for each trip on the Thursday before your arrival. In order to ensure that you group is carrying only the appropriate amount of food and not adding unnecessary weight, we'd like for you to send us a quick email updating us on any changes to your 10-Day Check In.  

You're email can be as simple as: "Pikes Peak YL / No Updates" or "Pikes Peak YL / Added 1 Male Camper"

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