Summer Work Crews

It takes an entire team of people to keep our camp running.  Our Summer Work Crews serve for a few days throughout the summer facilitating encounters with God from behind the scenes.  We’re looking for people to join us at Base Camp from Thursday thru Saturday to help with food packing, pick-up's & drops, running the RMR store, and base camp meal prep. These jobs are the best combination of fun and service.  Check out the list below for a brief description of each of the work crew assignments.  Spend a summer pouring out in service and receive the blessings of growth and community in return.
Summer Work Crew
- overnight lodging & meals for Thurs thru Sat
- participate in Friday evening dinner/worship
- interested folks under the age of 18 must come with a young leader or current guide
- all ages welcome

Position Description
Food Service Coordinator   This position is responsible for ordering and monitoring all of the food for Beyond, and acts as a significant liaison between Beyond and the Malibu kitchen.  This is a leadership position that oversees the cook, assistant cook, and the food packers. We are looking for someone at least 21 years of age who has good attention to detail, excellent problem solving skills, is highly personable, and a good communicator.  The daily tasks of this job regularly include moving food from one camp to the other, so a successful applicant is expected to be able to consistently lift and carry at least 50 lbs.
Guest Services Coordinator   This position is responsible for organizing and liaising between Beyond and our current and future guests, including marketing and promotion duties within the inlet.  These responsibilities cover but are not limited to things like leading base camp tours, managing visits by Beyond staff families, doing a weekly promotion at a Malibu leader and club meetings, and organizing laundry services for camp staff and guests.  This is a leadership position that answers to the camp director and oversees and collaborates with the office and marketing assistants.  A successful applicant is 21 years or older with strong leadership qualities and clear and friendly communication.  We are looking for someone who is well-organized and able to balance a wide variety of tasks while paying close attention to detail. 
 Base Camp Coordinator This position oversees the running of the base camp operations which includes the distribution and quality of work projects done by a work crew of guides and base camp staff, maintenance of the daily transportation schedule, and care of the base camp facility.  This position leads and supports the equipment manager, boat driver, and maintenance crew and works directly with the camp director.  Many of the daily tasks require basic carpentry and mechanical skills so any experience in these areas is a definite plus.  A successful applicant is 21 years or older with strong leadership qualities and clear and friendly communication.  As with most jobs at Beyond, the ability to consistently lift and carry at least 50 lbs. is a must.
 Boat Driver  This position is responsible for the maintenance and the operation of our two power boats.  This staff person will need to acquire a Small Vehicle Operating Permit (which can be coordinated through the Beyond office) and should have some boat driving experience.  As a result of the significant licensing requirements, this position is a minimum two-summer commitment.  Most of the boat driver’s time will be spent driving one of our two boats around the inlet on various errands, including dropping off and picking up mountain trips.  Other responsibilities may include general camp maintenance, waste management, and freight organization.  A successful candidate will need to be able to lift and carry at least 50 lbs.

Marketing Assistant

 We’re looking for someone with Young Life experience who can help the Guest Services coordinator in a marketing capacity.  The main responsibilities of this position would include leading tours, interfacing with Malibu Club and its campers, and promoting Beyond to Malibu leaders.  This position could potentially encompass aspects of web media as well (blog, facebook, twitter, etc.).  A successful applicant would have Young Life club or camping experience, with time on a camp program a huge plus.  He or she should be highly personable with strong verbal and written communication skills.  As with all Beyond positions, this job demands a great deal of flexibility in duties and an ability to work as an integral member of a team.
 Equipment Manager  This position is responsible for the organization, care, and distribution of all mountain equipment.  Extreme attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are a must.  The equipment manager is under the leadership of the Base Camp Coordinator but works closely with the guide staff and the Guide Team Leaders to ensure that each trip is appropriately equipped.  Knowledge of mountain equipment repair is a plus, but an ability to work well with others and learn quickly is all that is required.
 Maintenance  Beyond’s base camp is vital to our operations and the wilderness setting of our camp means our facilities are in constant need of upkeep and improvement.  If you are a hard worker with basic mechanical and carpentry skills and a desire to spend a summer serving God in community, we would love it if you would consider filling one of our maintenance positions.  Our maintenance staff usually consists of as many as three people whose duties vary depending on needs and abilities.  Maintenance is under the purview of the Base Camp Coordinator but at times works directly with the Camp Director.  A positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a desire to grow in community are musts for this position.
 Office Assistant  The position works with and under the leadership of the Guest Services Coordinator and the Camp Director and is responsible for a variety of administrative duties.  These responsibilities include tracking the finances of trips and staff, running and maintaining the inventory and sales for the Beyond store, and managing the day-to-day activities of the office– answering the phone, responding to e-mails, etc.  This position requires good attention to detail and strong communication skills.  A successful applicant should be well organized and interested in developing strong inter-relational skills through the participation in the base camp community.
 Head Cook  It is the responsibility of the Head Cook to plan and prepare three meals a day, 6 days a week, for the Beyond staff. This position requires a great deal of creativity and organization as our food supply depends on a variety of constantly fluctuating factors.  The Head Cook works closely with the Food Service Coordinator, the Assistant Cook, and a rotating staff of guides. Each day work begins at or before 6:00 am in order to prepare food for as many as  fifty-five people.  As in most homes, the kitchen at Beyond has a huge influence on the atmosphere of camp.  As a result, this position requires someone who enjoys this kind of work, works well under stress, and likes to work with people.  The cook should be someone that can keep and maintain a clean cooking environment. Cooking experience is valuable but a good work ethic and a positive attitude are crucial.
Assistant Cook The Assistant cook is responsible for the purchasing, organization, and distribution of all trip, campsite, and boat food.  This position also assists the Head Cook in cooking for the Beyond Staff in Base Camp.
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