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RMR Backcountry's Values & Essentials


We use adventure camping and the setting of the wilderness to create space for campers and leaders to encounter Jesus Christ and grow in their faith

In an effort to create space:

    • We utilize the unique setting of the wilderness to help campers eliminate distractions and "unplug" from the noise, clutter, and chaos of everyday life.
    • We set boundaries that establish a safe environment for every camper to engage throughout the week. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries. Physical: We take every measure to maximize the groups' overall level of comfort and safety. Emotional: What's said on trail stays on trail / "Camper Confidential". Spiritual: Walk in Wisdom to those who are without - Every camper is on a spiritual journey.
    • We partner with the Trip Leader to better address individual and group need to ensure that every camper feels welcome.
    • We seek to break down existing barriers using Adventure, Risk, and Trust. Adventure: Entering into unfamiliar territory with only a backpack and a group of friends. Risk: Climbing a peak, crossing a snow field, etc. Trust: Relying on others, sharing life stories, debriefing quiet times, personal discovery.
    • We create a framework for campers to examine and respond to the person of Christ in both a corporate and private setting (eg. camp fire debriefs, daily quiet times, devotionals, SOLO).
    • We provide ample opportunity for campers and leaders to bond through shared experiences, creating a safe place and close community in which campers can encounter Christ.
    • We provide a platform for campers to ask questions and voice their opinions about Christ without fear of judgment (eg. "We're not fishing for right answers, but we are fishing for YOUR answers").

    In and effort to help campers encounter Christ and grow in their faith:

    • We provide a clear picture of Christ through the sacrificial service and leadership of our volunteer guide team which is made up of Young Life leaders.
    • We proclaim Christ through the entire adventure camping experience utilizing the unique setting of the wilderness to broaden a camper's perspective on the person of Christ and life with Christ.
    • We involve campers daily in the exercise of Adventure Camping. We believe that as campers encounter different obstacles and challenges, they are learning something new about themselves. External adventure leads to internal discovery and helps campers to discover truths about themselves and ultimately more about Jesus Christ.
    • We set a standard of celebration in an effort to remind campers of how much Jesus loves them and how exciting life with Christ can be.
    • We expose campers to a lifestyle of "Abiding in Christ" and equip them to practice the spiritual disciplines: Prayer, Bible Study, Meditation / Reflection, Fellowship, Testimony, Worship, Journaling, and Solitude.
    • We recognize scripture as the primary method for getting acquainted with the person of Christ and as the ultimate source of confirmation for what we believe He may be saying to us and/or leading us in.
    • We recognize that every person's story is unique and is an ongoing love story between them and Christ. We set aside time for every camper to share their life story and invite others to share words of encouragement and affirmation.
    • We highlight the value of authentic relationships. We recognize that as campers are able to better get to know one another through shared experiences, they can begin to encompass what it means to truly know Jesus and not simply know "about" Jesus.
    • We utilize the "ABCDE" teaching model. This model outlines a corporate and individual framework for encountering Christ through: Awareness, Belief, Community, Discipline, and Examination.
    • We teach that life with Christ extends beyond the trailhead and make every effort to equip campers with the necessary tools to grow in their relationships with Christ back at home.
    • We establish the Trip Leader as the heroes of the week and our goal is to help move them further along in their ministry once they are back at home.

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