History of RMR Backcountry

Young Life has owned and operated camping properties since 1950. In 1970, YL opened a camp named Beyond Malibu in British Columbia, and wilderness camping in YL was born. Our original Colorado wilderness operation, Wilderness Ranch, has been in existence since 1973.

RMR Backcountry was founded in direct response to the needs of the Front Range Region of YL, and has been guiding teenagers into the wilderness areas of Wyoming and Colorado since 1995. RMR has grown over the years to include Backpacking, Houseboat and Kayaking trips. Though it has grown in size, RMR continues to operate with an overriding “light and fast” mentality. Operational overhead is intentionally kept at a minimum to allow RMR to adapt and respond effectively and efficiently to shifting market preferences. The result?? A mountain bike program, houseboat program, sea-kayaking program… and wherever else God leads!

Guiding for RMR Backcountry is a challenging calling. This is not a position for the fainthearted, nor those unaccustomed to hard work and stressful circumstances. For this reason, we are looking for highly motivated applicants with well-developed relational skills and hands-on ministry experience. An RMR trip places significant physical, emotional and spiritual demands on its guides, and thus, our staff trains and prepares rigorously. We believe that God does not need us to do His work, but we do not take lightly the opportunity to walk alongside Him in the amazing works of healing, redemption, and freedom that so often characterize His presence on RMR trips

RMR Backcountry provides our staff with a unique opportunity to serve, as well as a community that is constantly seeking to be further surrendered to the ord. It is important to us that the community that you live and serve in is one in which you are challenged to pursue Christ and grow closer to Him. Commitment, character, worship, and a willingness to serve, continue to be characteristics that define the guide team and staff members of RMR Backcountry.

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RMR Backcountry
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