2.5 Days

Okay, now you're starting to reach legenadary status for being willing to sacrifice a weekend in a way that you will rememeber for years to come instead of just going about your daily routine and forgetting all about it. Check out these ideas of how to Carpe el Weekend:

  • Get together with a group of friends and plan out an RMR Trip. Go through the paperwork, make the travel plans and start getting momentum for another week to be remembered!

  • If you have a unique set of construction skills talk with the RMR office to see if they could use you on any spring work trips up to basecamp that happen before the summer begins.

  • If you have the gift of sales maybe a weekend road trip to a near by Young Life conference is just the ticket. We are often in need of people to setup and run a promotional booth for a day at these conferences. They are a blast and invariably you get to hear tons of stories about what RMRBeyond has already done in people's lives... and hopefully you'll plant the seed that will get people moving toward their own stories at RMR.
and finally...
  • Whatever that idea was that you had and talked to the RMR Backcountry office about....Start doing it. Make it happen and enjoy helping RMR grow in a new and unique way!
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